A well-designed outdoor sign catches the eye of passersby while conveying key information about your business to potential customers. These signs are designed to last for years and should be made of materials that can stand up to varying weather conditions such as heat, rain or snow. They can also be customized to fit your brand’s personality and needs based on the location where you will display them.

Whether you are opening a new hair salon, coffee shop, restaurant or boutique, outdoor business signs are a great way to advertise your presence and attract traffic. They will help people navigate to your store or office and establish familiarity with your brand name amongst local competitors. Outdoor signs are often used to announce seasonal sales and special events that your company will be offering, allowing you to connect with more customers and drive customer loyalty.

South Houston Outdoor Signs, Outdoor business signs come in a wide variety of colors, fonts, shapes and sizes. They are typically built of sturdy materials such as aluminum, vinyl, plastic and wood that can hold up to varying weather conditions. Many of them can be designed to incorporate custom graphics or your business’s logo, creating a unique look that is easily recognized by the public.

There are four traditional types of outdoor signs:

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a versatile option that can be combined with other kinds of signs for the ultimate marketing strategy. They can include anodized aluminum frames with a write-on surface and PVC lenses that protect the graphics from water damage. They can also have a snap-open or slide-in design that allows you to change out the graphics on a regular basis as your needs require.

A-frame Sandwich Boards

Designed to be portable, a-frame sandwich boards can be set up on sidewalks or next to food trucks to promote your business. They are durable and affordable, with options for corrugated plastic, acrylic and tempered glass surfaces. They can be adorned with vinyl lettering or a custom printed panel design, and they feature thin rails that allow them to be secured in place on flat surfaces.

Flex Signs

Unlike traditional metal signs, flex signs are made with a plastic base and heavy-duty coils that allow the signs to bend with the wind but not break or fall over. They are ideal for promoting events, selling property, sharing political views and advertising sales and promotions.

Brushed Metal Signs

Brushed metal signs offer a more elegant and sophisticated style than other outdoor signage. They can be adorned with gold and silver finishes that give them a professional appearance that is sure to catch the eye of customers. These types of outdoor signs are often used by luxury brands, restaurants and upscale businesses. They are also a great choice for promoting your business as a new addition to the community or to celebrate a milestone.